Gallipoli - The City

Gallipoli, located on the west side of the Ionian Sea, front to the Taranto Gulf.

old cityYou will enjoy visiting the two characteristics areas: The "Old City" and the "New City".

The suggestive old city, with the Antique buildings and murals, built in a Calcareous Island connected to the mainland with a brick bridge. The principal wall was built around the 1500, to protect the city against enemies, and redefined the ending 1800 taking the actual panoramic appearance.

Antique wall

The antique wall can be visit on the Good conditions side. From Gallipoli you can see, on the north side the Nardo's Coast, on the south the Pizzo's bay, on theSanta Andrea's island west the Scoglio dei Piccioni and the Campo Island and on the South west the Santa Andrea's island with a lighthouse built the last 1866.

Seno Canneto

The bridge, built around the Seno del Canneto in front to the Rivellino's castle, is still used as port for the local fishermen.

The Greco-Roman Fountain

Just crossing the bridge you will find the last antique bulwark building: The Greco-Roman Fountain the most oldest fountain built in Italy.


In the New or young city you can find the modern style of the "Skyscraper" located in Corso Roma, main street that divide Gallipoli in two sides called "Scirocco" and "Tramontana".
The new buildings have replaced the old ones built the 1800 and beginning of the 1900. The young city style it is totally opposite to the Old City, and you can find different Italian shopping and tourism centres ready to receive two hundred thousand visitors during summer time.

Gallipoli during the last years has been experimented a building boom, and today is considered one of the most popular and requested tourism centre of Italy.